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Saint Brendan the Navigator Pipes and Drums

It’s here!! The first rehearsal of 2020!! 😃 Everyone is excited and ready to go. Count down to St Patrick’s Day 2020 has started!! ☘️

The band is looking forward to seeing all our old friends (who we haven’t seen since December).

Want to join the fun? Looking for new and interesting ways to entertain your neighbors?

Commonly asked questions:

– Am I too old? Never!

– Can women play pipes? Yes, half our pipers are female!

– Can I learn drumming? Of course, how else would the pipers stay in step?

– I have no musical ability, can I learn? Yes, we all started with no ability. Anyone can learn.

– I’m not Scottish or Irish, does that matter? Nope, the Scots and Irish welcome everyone, we won’t even force you to eat the haggis.

– What if I just want to join the band but not play an instrument? We have a color guard who lead the band down the street.

– What do I need to get started? Not much, stop in and we will get you sorted.

Visit any Wednesday evening and learn about the band.

Tonight is a Wednesday evening……will we see you?

Call or text for more information: 732-899-3352 See MoreSee Less